”So that we share/ For a moment, the first idea.”

First Idea Communications strategizes, develops, and manages special projects and collaborations for academic and cultural organizations, NGOs, and public/private partnerships.

What can we accomplish together that we cannot accomplish separately? How can we collaborate most effectively to meet shared goals or solve mutual problems? Is there a way to advance not only our own interests but the greater good?

Visionary leaders who understand the value of cooperation ask these questions every day. But collaborative projects are almost always an add-on activity for potential participants, and seldom a core feature of their day-to-day operations.  They take time and the allocation of new resources, and they almost always fall outside the expertise of existing staff.

First Idea does the hard work of managing special projects but remains in the background, driving every part of the process so that its clients can focus on what is most important: finding consensus, acting in partnership, and speaking effectively in their own voices, consistent with their own interests, priorities, and goals.

John Tessitore, principal of First Idea, has a proven track-record as a project leader, with extensive experience designing and building collaborations, capturing good ideas and writing persuasively about them in a variety of formats, coordinating with other consultants and contractors, initiating public campaigns, and managing change. His expertise includes:

• Fundraising

• Meeting and event planning

• Stakeholder outreach

• Writing and communications

• Business and government relations

• Campaigns in traditional and social media

For fifteen years he has worked with internationally-recognized leaders to support intellectual explorations of all kinds, including collaborations involving academia, business, government, and the non-profit sectors.

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