First Idea to Focus on Project Management and Collaborations for academic and cultural organizations, NGOs, and public/private partnerships.

For over fifteen years, I have directed big, ambitious, national projects and policy studies.

The future of the humanities. The future of democracy. The future of higher education. The future of language education. The future of civil justice.

The future.

Every time I start one of these projects, all the participants agree that the future is collaborative and…multi. Multidisciplinary. Multicultural. Multilateral. Multinstitutional. Multi.

But multi is not simply about combinations. It’s about interplay. Conversation. Connection. And collaboration.

I have discovered over time that collaboration is its own skill, learned through practice. In an often-fragmented world, collaboration is also its own strength, its own positive good.

There are not enough people dedicated to the hard work of building collaboration, or experienced enough to hold a partnership together when it starts to fray.

I have that dedication, and I have accumulated the necessary experience as a project manager who has worked with distinguished leaders and high-profile committees from a variety of fields and sectors.

That is why I am shifting the focus of First Idea. At its core, it is still a communications company. But communications are not simply a function of writing and speaking. They are a function of will and effort. Do we want to come together? To solve mutual problems and meet common goals? To understand each other? To “share/ For a moment, the first idea”?

Ultimately, I think we do.

I was doing this work for a long time before I realized how unusual it is, how necessary…and how much I enjoy it. So let’s find ways to work together.

Contact First Idea for assistance with your most challenging and potentially rewarding collaborative projects.

2 thoughts on “A Shift in Emphasis for First Idea

  1. This is so true John. Over the course of my career I too have found that collaboration is vital, yet not always present. I can honestly say that the collaborative environment is what makes working at NYU such a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your insights!


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